Promo Videos, the LifeWise Program Overview, Community Interest List and more! 

Find what you need for your LifeWise Academy Pre-Launch at the links below!


LifeWise Academy Promo Videos

Visit our 'Videos' page for links to downloadable versions of our LifeWise Promo Videos. 

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Downloadable Documents

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Program Overview

The LifeWise Pledge, Teaching Philosophy, Launch Phases, FAQs & Sample Curriculum with examples of lesson content and activities - all in one document!

LifeWise Bible-Ed One-Pager

A one-page summary of the Why?, What? and How? of LifeWise, along with Impact and a Call to Action. An awesome tool to use to introduce people to the mission of LifeWise.

How to Share LifeWise with Your Church

Visit or download the PDF to learn the best way to share LifeWise with your church in four easy steps.

Community Interest Bulletin Insert

Gauge interest and start gathering supporter contact information at local Church Services with the Community Interest Bulletin Insert.

Community Interest List (CIL) Contact Sheet

Who are your supporters, potential volunteers & donors? Find out with the CIL Contact Sheet. Use it at Community Meetings to gauge local interest!

30 Days of Prayer for a LifeWise Launch

As you're working to gain support for your local LifeWise Academy, here is a list of ways that you can be praying for your local launch through the lens of the Four LifeWise Ls.

LifeWise Store

LifeWise T-Shirts, Jackets, & More!

Check out our online store and pick out some LifeWise gear to wear as you're drumming up support for your new location! 

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LifeWise Blend Coffee

All proceeds from LifeWise Blend coffee go to the LifeWise Academy National Launch Fund to support Bible education programs across the nation.

In partnership with Hemisphere Coffee Roasters.

To learn more about our partnership, visit Coffee.