LifeWise Blend Coffee

in partnership with

Hemisphere Coffee Roasters


It just makes sense that we would come together for this project. LifeWise Academy and Hemisphere Coffee both exist to invest in the future.

Hemisphere pays a fair price for a quality product, investing directly in the lives of the coffee growers, their families and their communities. We partner with growers like Diego Chavarria, whose personal mission is planting churches in Nicaragua.

LifeWise invests in the next generation by providing Bible education for public school students. Through our Released Time Religious Instruction (RTRI) program, students can legally be released from public school during the school day to attend Bible classes.

Good acidity, chocolaty undertones. Purchased direct from the Chavarria Farm.

A smokey, dark roast with lingering caramelized notes. Purchased direct from the Chavarria Farm.

All proceeds from LifeWise Blend coffee go to the LifeWise Academy National Launch Fund to support Bible education programs across the nation. Thank you for helping us bring the gospel to unchurched students in public schools!


LifeWise Blend for Churches

Interested in purchasing the LifeWise Blend to brew for your congregation on Sunday mornings? We can provide you with a discount code for purchase, along with countertop tents for display and stickers for coffee servers.

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