Bible Based Character Education
During School Hours

Yes, it's possible. Why not in your community?

Most people have never heard that students can be released from public school during school hours to attend religious classes. It's called "released time religious instruction" and the many benefits include:

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1. Parents and

community members

pass along time-tested biblical principles.

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 2. Schools

see improved classroom behavior, mental health and academic performance. 

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3. Students 

gain an understanding of the Bible which has shaped the hearts and minds of many people through the centuries.

See How LifeWise Works


"The LifeWise plug n' play model gives communities the tools they need to launch a program without reinventing the wheel."

- Vincent Coleman (LifeWise Field Representative)

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"LifeWise helped our students learn respect and kindness for others in a world urgently needing these values."

- Beth Peugh (Retired Elementary School Principal)

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Case Study: Pandora, OH

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"When I started the process of launching a LifeWise two years ago, I was apprehensive. If only I knew how effective it would be! Over 60% of the students enrolled in our first year!"

- Sandy Steiner, LifeWise Pandora-Gilboa Director

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Did You Know?

Every LifeWise program starts with 50+ signatures on a "Community Interest List."


Q: Why should students, even those without a Christian background, learn about the Bible?

A: LifeWise Academy recognizes that the Bible was foundational to the forming of our society. We believe all students, regardless of religious background, can benefit from a greater understanding of such an influential book.

Q: How much does LifeWise Academy cost?

A: LifeWise Academy is 100% privately funded through donations. There is no cost to schools or participating families.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Launch a Program in Your Community