Q: Is LifeWise Academy legal?

A: Yes. The legality of Released Time Religious Instruction (RTRI) has been upheld by the US Supreme Court for more than 60 years. Read more about the legality of LifeWise Academy.


Q: What are the benefits of LifeWise Academy?

A: The benefits are numerous. Students improve in classroom behavior and academic performance. Schools retain families which may opt out of public education for religious reasons. Communities produce citizens with improved character.


Q: How much does LifeWise Academy cost?

A: LifeWise Academy is 100% privately funded through donations. There is no cost to schools or participating families.


Q: Are LifeWise Academy classes held on school property?

A: No, classes are held off school property.


Q: Does LifeWise Academy interfere with classes during the school day?

A: No, while classes are held during the school day, they do not interfere with children’s mandatory courses or extracurricular activities. The class schedule is set by school personnel in consultation with LifeWise Academy representatives. Usually LifeWise Academy classes are scheduled for times when other elective courses are offered.


Q: What are students taught at LifeWise Academy?

A: LifeWise Academy focuses on the central messages of the Bible and their character education implications. We avoid getting bogged down in the finer points of religious doctrine. Instead, we focus on the most foundational themes that speak to the issues common to all people.


Q: Are religions, other than Christianity, taught?

A: While RTRI programs vary in their theological perspective, LifeWise Academy is a Christian organization and only teaches the Christian Bible.


Q: Why should students, even those without a Christian background, learn about the Bible?

A: LifeWise Academy recognizes that the Bible was foundational to the forming of our western culture and societal ethics. We believe all students, regardless of religious background, can benefit from a greater understanding of such an influential book.


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