LifeWise Academy utilizes the basic structure and focus of the highly-acclaimed curriculum, The Gospel Project (TGP). This curriculum, originally produced for Sunday school and small group applications, has been licensed by LifeWise (LW) and reformatted to suit the needs of a Released Time Religious Instruction (RTRI) program. The LW curriculum is designed to take students through the entire Bible, beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation, over the course of five years. The lesson’s order and activities are flexible and can be modified as the teacher finds necessary. Teachers can easily navigate the LW curriculum using the nine elements below.

1. Leader Bible Study: Allows teachers to dive deeper into the Bible passage, provides extra background information and prepares the teacher to answer questions from students.

2. Session Starters: Introduces the Bible lesson in an active, hands-on way.

3. Key Passage & Activity: Provides a fast-paced activity with each lesson that enables students to memorize and interact with the unit’s key passage.

4. Giant Timeline & Review: Lays out a sample script to review previous lessons in the unit.

5. Big Picture Q&A: Provides a helpful question about Jesus and the correct biblical answer for each unit.

6. Bible Story: Shares the Bible lesson in an age-appropriate way and allows the option of briefly retelling or acting out the story using boldface words.

  • Story Point: Summarizes the main idea students should take away from the Bible story.

  • Jesus Connection: Reveals how each Bible lesson points specifically to Jesus throughout scripture.


​7. LifeWise Quality: Provides character education that is rooted in the heart-changing message of the gospel and explains how students can practically live out their faith through God’s power.

  • LifeWise Quality: Defines the quality.

  • Living LifeWise: Explains God’s supernatural ability to create positive change within us.

  • LWQ Breakdown: Gives a brief explanation of how to live out the LifeWise quality and simplifies the script for students that need a short discussion on it.

  • Script: Provides a sample dialogue to engage students and encourage them to live out each specific quality.


8. Bible Story Review & Bible Skills: Helps students to understand and engage with the Bible story in an enjoyable way.


9. Activities

  • Classroom Activity: Connects concepts from the Bible lesson to fun and memorable activities.

  • Activity Page: Allows students to explore the key points of the lesson in a fun and engaging way as well as provides family discussion starters and activities for the students to take home.

  • Journal: Gives older students time to meditate on the Bible story and identify how they can apply it in their lives.

  • Prayer & Requests: Provides a script to pray God’s word for the students and allows time for students to voice concerns, thanks and praise to God.

  • Recap Card: Reviews the lesson material in five sections: Story Point, Big Picture Q&A, Jesus Connection, Key Passage and Living LifeWise. Each student receives a card to show their parents what they learned in class.

Lesson Content

2021 LifeWise Program
2021 LifeWise Program
2021 LifeWise Program
2021 LifeWise Program
2021 LifeWise Program

Activity Pages

LW Lesson 2_GodCreatedTheWorld_YK_Page_7
LW Lesson 2_GodCreatedTheWorld_YK_Page_6

Recap Cards


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