Want to See a Bible Education Program Started In Your School District?

The first step to launch a local LifeWise Academy is to demonstrate broad community support by building a Community Interest List. 

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Why Build A Community Interest List? 

The first step in the Exploratory Launch Phase is generating broad community support by building a Community Interest List (CIL). A CIL functions much like a petition by providing a way for community members to voice support for starting a LifeWise program. 

A CIL Will Accomplish Three Crucial Things:

Show LifeWise HQ that your community has the necessary support to successfully launch and sustain a local program.


Create an initial database of local individuals who can later be asked to serve in the program through prayer, volunteering and giving.

Show your local school administration that a large group in the community, not just a few enthusiastic individuals, want to start the program. (We strongly discourage seeking school approval for LifeWise before building a CIL.)

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As your list grows, we will send you additional next steps, but right now it’s all about names, names, names!

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