Reach Future Generations with the Word of God.


What if your gift to LifeWise Academy could grow over time, making it possible to reach students with the Gospel for decades to come? Through our partnership with the National Christian Foundation, your gift today can do just that. You can have immediate as well as long-term impact on the hearts of countless public school students through the LifeWise Foundation Endowment Fund! 


How It Works

LifeWise endowment funds help create long term financial health and sustainability of programs by growing capital investments and distributing only a portion of their value toward the cost of operations annually.


Endowment Fund Options

Local Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships for local LifeWise students. (Each $3,000 contribution sponsors a student indefinitely)

National Expansion Fund

Reaches into communities across the nation with resources and training to start new LifeWise Academies.​

General Operating Fund

Helps ensure that national LifeWise operations continue for generations to come.