Style Guide

As ​those who represent the King, let us pursue excellence in everything.

A LifeWise classroom should be...


Fun and Energetic
When students walk into a LifeWise we want them to immediately feel like it’s their space. Bold signage, splashes of color, interesting lighting and a non-traditional layout are a few ways to energize a room.


Simple and Modern
It’s best if a LifeWise classroom feels “current.” A fresh coat of paint, eliminating clutter, incorporating technology, and updating some fixtures and finishes can make a big difference.


On Brand 
Remain consistent with the LifeWise brand through promotional materials, curriculum, signage, and apparel, and the classroom exudes excellence to the world we want to reach. In this guide you will find a color palette of recommended paint colors, as well as a variety of branded decor, to ensure your classroom looks and feels like LifeWise.

Let's Paint!

Here are suggested paints - color matched to our LifeWise colors! Check out our Color Guide for more details and suggested uses.

Deck It Out!

Explore the recommended signage, swag, decor and tech to suit your space. Our team can work with you to offer advice and place the necessary orders.

Get Inspired!

Check out some awesome spaces and take a look at what our live locations have done to get ideas for your Program Location.

Keep Everything On Brand!

Logos, fonts, & colors, along with guidelines for use. Make sure you're keeping your location's marketing materials in line with the LifeWise brand.

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LifeWise Store!

T-Shirts, Jackets, & More! Check out our online store and pick out some LifeWise gear for you or your team.

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