Steering Committees

Group Objectives

  1. Increase community support, primarily through growing the Community Interest List.

  2. Obtain school district approval and cooperation

  3. Identify and install the local Program Director

Group Makeup

  1. Three to nine members representing at least three churches

  2. Representation of the diverse Christian community of various churches, ages, professions, genders, races, etc. (Without intentionality, the group will likely include only one generation of one gender from one local church.)


Member Responsibilities

  1. Complete Steering Committee Training (approximately 1 hour)

  2. Be faithful in attending scheduled meetings

  3. Be consistent in prayer for the local program

Member Qualifications - A proven track record of exemplifying the LifeWise Core Values:

  1. COMMITMENT - Members have their hearts in the right place. They are motivated by their love for the Lord and are all in with the gospel-centered purposes of a local LifeWise.

  2. COMPETENCE - Members have the know-how, skills and relationships to get stuff done.

Note: Each member must be recommended by the leadership of the local church in which he/she is an active participant. While we recognize that there are sometimes legitimate reasons to be “between churches,” LifeWise is fundamentally a local church driven ministry and it is, therefore,  important for Steering Committee members to be representative of local churches.

How to Apply

  • Step One: Register for your local program Steering Committee via the form below

  • Step Two: Obtain recommendation from a leader of your current local church through the form here or via email to


Registrants will be contacted by the LifeWise team with next steps.

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Steering Committee Registration Form

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