What Is RTRI?

Released Time Religious Instruction (RTRI) programs allow students to be released during the school day to receive religious instruction at an off-campus location. Students participate voluntarily and with parental permission, while non-participating students remain in class.


What is LifeWise Academy?

LifeWise Academy is an innovative RTRI program now being introduced around the country which offers clear and unique benefits to schools and communities. First, LifeWise Academy includes a character education component: Each lesson introduces a specific character trait that students are encouraged to apply in their school, their families and their community. Second, the LifeWise Academy model is both replicable and flexible. Each local program operates with a standard set of policies, procedures and curriculum which is easily adapted for a variety of community and district needs. At the same time, the LifeWise Support Center, available to assist all locations, ensures quality and reliability across locations.


How does LifeWise Academy work?

We Keep it Legal - LifeWise Academy is diligent to adhere to relevant laws and policies.

We Keep it Simple - LifeWise Academy focuses on the central messages of the Bible. We avoid getting bogged down in the finer points of religious doctrine. Instead, we focus on the most foundational themes that speak to the issues common to all people.

We Keep it Practical - LifeWise Academy seeks to create real and lasting change for students, schools and communities so we continually look for ways to make instruction not only conceptual, but also actionable.