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What is the Purpose of Religious Education in schools?

here are many reasons that religious education should be implemented in schools. Many may not understand the purpose of this type of education or even how it works. This type of education is a little different than public education.

Religious Education in Schools

Religious Education in Schools

Religion is not taught in public schools. In fact, religion cannot be taught in public schools. In the past, if parents wanted their children to receive religious education at school, it would have to be in a private school. For some families, this is a perfect solution, but for others, it may be out of budget. Today, there are special programs to bridge the gap for those who wish to remain in public schools, but also want their children to receive religious education in addition to the standard curriculum. These programs are called released time religious education. This simply means it’s not technically part of the school. These special classes follow all laws keeping public and religious institutes separate. After obtaining permission from parents, students choose these classes as an elective and attend class at another close-by location.

What’s the Purpose?

As with any type of education, it is essential to offer a variety. Those who attend schools that provide a religious education curriculum have a more balanced and broader range of education. These religious classes also provide different experiences and opportunities for students as well. Released Time religious education and the caring teachers they provide have also become a support system for many students who are struggling to find a place they fit in or are welcome. In addition, students who have had the opportunity to participate in religious education classes at school tend to average higher academically. These students traditionally have also hold themselves to a higher standard with their daily behavior and character.

There may be a program just like this in your area, that will be proud to partner with your school. Together we can raise up our next generation of students. LifeWise Academy has had the privilege and honor to serve many schools and can’t wait to pair with those who are interested in expanding education in their student body.

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