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Religious Education: What’s the Purpose Anyway?

There are many skeptics today, asking what the benefits of Religious Education are for our students, and even for our teachers. Religious Education has come to a place in our society as being over looked, and even frowned on in some specific locations. Why is that? Has it somehow gotten a bad rap? Let’s dive in and look at the possibilities.

Religious Education: What’s the Purpose Anyway?

In an online survey of 1,714 adults in America in June and July of 2017, there may be some answers we are looking for. In this survey, 17% of adults said they felt they didn’t feel they knew enough about religion or spiritual topics to talk about it. That may seem like a small percentage, but when you compare that to the small number of those participating in the survey, it seems a little larger. If the surveys compass were to be enlarged, how many Americans may feel like they are lacking in this area? How many might have appreciated the opportunity to learn more about religion. In this same survey, 28% responded that religious topics seemed to create tension and arguments. Again, we must wonder if this is due to a lack of education and understanding of religion in general.

So, where does that leave us? What is the purpose of Religious Education? Will our students truly benefit from learning these types of things? A great number of students who participated in separate religious education classes such as LifeWise Acedemy a released time religious education (RTRE) program, said they felt a difference. The students, teachers and parents all agreed that these classes helped equip these students with tools for everyday life. The true purpose of religious education, in this case, Bible-Based education, is to give our students a great foundation to stand on.

Public school teachers have one of the toughest jobs out there, but also one of the best. At LifeWise Academy we are privileged to pair up with teachers all over, helping to instill great values and religious education into today's youth. Character accounts for so much these days, and can be hard to teach. The caring teachers at LifeWise Acedemy are working hard next to public school teachers to create this lasting character in today's students.

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