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Released Time Religious Education programs are helping shape our Youth

Whether you are a teacher, school administrator, or a parent, I think we can all agree that it takes a village to raise a child up in the way they should go. All of these people mentioned have a hand in shaping our youth and preparing them for whatever their future brings. Released Time Religious Education programs and the teachers who give their time to play a very important role in helping shape our students.

Released Time Religious Education programs are helping shape our Youth

Think of a is full of different tools. All useful in their own way, and all have a specific job, but all are tools to get a job done. For some jobs, a hammer and nails might prove most helpful, and for another job, a screwdriver and screw might work best. But… all contributing to the construction of something new and beautiful. Just like a toolbox, full of different tools, the school system, teachers and parents are all a part of shaping and forming our students into successful adults. You can choose to add another tool to the box by allowing Released Time Religious Education programs to come alongside and work with your students. These types of programs are being introduced into the school day all across the nation, and have proven to be a helpful tool.

School staff and parents have agreed that Released Time Religious Education has played a great role in educating students in areas that their regular teachers cannot. These classes use Biblical principals to help challenge students to live honest, kind, and respectful lives from day today. LifeWise Academy is teaming up with public schools all over, in hopes to help shape and improve bright young minds all across the US. Contact us to find out how we can team up with your school and offer Released Time Religious Education classes near you.

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