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Released Time Religious Education Impacting Students

In today’s schools it may seem as if we are loosing moral values. Students are faced with decisions and things they have never had to face before. It can be overwhelming for teachers to have to play the role of parents, on top of their busy curriculum. It seems that the demands for higher grades, and test scores, only adds to the growing pressures. Released time religious education just might be the answer. Using Biblical principles to help shape today's youth has proven to be a helpful life-tool for helping students to take on their daily life with a head held high. We strive to equip children and teens with the tools for success using a Christian based curriculum.

LifeWise academy; like other released time religious education courses, falls into the elective category in a schools roster. Choosing to offer these classes to your students will open doors for growth in all aspects of their lives. Though students may profit the most, teachers, school administrators, and even parents will reap the benefits of Released Time Religious Education. We make it our goal to improve the students we interact with, and have seen the many benefits first hand.

As a school, you can only benefit. Independent studies and experience, shows us that the students who participate in released time religious education generally have less problems with behavior, and tend to do better academically. Opening up opportunity for students to participate in these courses will teach them a sense of self worth, and respect for others. Schools have noticed a difference with the students enrolled, as they are being taught to be self aware, and are challenged to strive for a character that others will be drawn to. Generally, we see a shift in our students, as they begin to strive to do well, getting more involved in activities and gaining a new found confidence as they grow.

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