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Released Time Religious Education Common Questions

Many people do not know what released time religious education is. That's why there are so many questions revolving around the subject. Many parents believe that the only available positive moral based or religious education available to their children is a privately operated school system. Some parents may feel that public school isn't feasible, due to tuition costs, and therefore view homeschooling as their only option. LifeWise Academy has made it their goal to fill in the gap and provide the opportunity for these students to thrive in public school while receiving religious education, all while keeping church and state relationships separate. This article will go over and address some common questions that are asked and we hope to help you understand what these classes are all about.

Released Time Religious Education Q&A

Who pays for the expenses of the program?

Released Time Religious Education Q&A - Who pays for the expenses of the program?

Released Time Religious Education is all privately funded. That means they don’t rely on tax funds, but instead, LifeWise Academy works hard to raise funds from the community through private donations. This has worked beautifully in many locations. Sometimes these donations come from the parents of the children enrolled, and other places as well. All children are welcome, and no one is required to donate to be enrolled.

How are Released Time Religious Education programs allowed to operate?

Many have asked with the law being so clear, there must be a separation of church and state, how does it work? Is it really legal? LifeWise Academy stays within the parameters of the law and can be explained by two main points. First, all students who are involved in these courses are choosing with parental permission to attend the program. No one is being forced to attend, but rather, opt to join in. Secondly, these classes are not on school property, but instead in a separate building just off of school property, making it possible to keep them separated. Though in a separate location, the class is held during school hours, easily accessible, and safe.

Can schools accept credits or grades from a released time program?

In Ohio, students are able to use Released Time Religious Education courses as a means to collect credit, at the high school level. Similar legislation is pending in some other States also. Rest assured, these classes are held at an assigned time of the day, during the school day, and will not hinder the flow of a students core curriculum.

Courses can be offered to just about every grade level, and will with no doubt improve the culture of the students who are involved. LifeWise Academy considers it an honor to pair up with schools and teachers to help ensure that their students succeed in their future.

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