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Released Time Bible Education: What’s all the Buzz about?

There's a lot of buzz going around schools about Released Time Bible Education. Questions like what is it? Does it really help? How does it work? If this sounds familiar, you have probably heard about it, but are in that category of unsure. It’s our aim to focus in on the benefits of Released Time Bible Education and hopefully answer some of those questions.

Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) was established in 1914 with 619 students meeting off-campus. RTBE continued to grow in the next years and by 1922 spread to 23 States with over 40,000 students enrolled and continues to increase. Today, it is estimated that over 250,000 students reap the benefits of Released Time Bible Education.

The Benifits

Recent studies from 2013 showed a pattern with students who participated in Released Time Bible Education. The pattern showed students active in RTBE achieved significantly higher marks overall academically. Other studies have also revealed that the students active in RTBE had far less trouble with behavioral related issues in school as well. In addition, these students learned Bible based life skills that otherwise would not have been instructed. There is no denying the many benefits that Released Time Bible Education boasts.

Released Time Bible Education focuses in on teaching students to be self-motivated, and self-aware using Biblical principles to instill morals and character education. Honesty, respect for self and others, and self-discipline are a few of the fundamentals being taught in a RTBE classroom.

How it works

You may be wondering how this is possible with the separation of public and religious institutions. LifeWise Academy is diligent to adhere to all laws and policies relevant to this matter, and here’s how it works. All Released Time Bible Education courses take place off campus,and is privately funded keeping it completely separate. Also, we make sure all of our students have permission from a parent.

LifeWise Academy works hard to equip today's students for their future tomorrow.

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