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Released Time Bible Education brings Bible back to school children

In today's school system, we are no longer able to teach from the Bible in public schools. This may seem like a small issue, but it can negatively affect a school in many ways. Released Time Bible Education programs have set out to fill the gap, and to mend some of these issues. Schools all across the US have noticed a shift in the culture in school-age children, and many have turned to character education and other released time religious education programs to help them train up our coming generations.

Released Time Bible Education brings Bible back to school children

Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) courses are programs that work very closely with schools to offer classes that are Bible-based to be taught to school children. Though they are not on school grounds, they are convenient, and integrate well with the school day. Introducing RTBE classes to your public school has the potential to increase your funds. You may find that parents who would otherwise home school, or send their children to a private Christian school, are now willing to send their children to public schools. Aside from benefiting the school funds, Released Time Bible Education will be an encouragement to your parents and students.

Offering Released Time Bible Education classes to your students has shown to improve the participating students academically also. On average, those who are active in these courses perform higher academically. You can also expect these students to hold themselves to a higher standard in their personal behavior. Released Time Bible education will focus on teaching your students a sense of personal responsibility, and will challenge them to live out these standards daily. LifeWise Academy is happy to partner with teachers, school administrators, and parents to help bring Biblical principals back to our school children.

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