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Options available for Teaching the Bible in Public Schools

Since the removal of the Bible in schools, teaching the Bible in Public Schools has been a big subject. There have been studies that show it would be a benefit to schools, teachers, and most importantly students, to bring it back. Teaching the Bible in Publish Schools is still against the law, but there are programs that have found a way to incorporate it into the students' school day, without infringing on the law. This is where Released Time Bible Education (or RTBE for short) comes in. With the help of these programs, schools around the nation are able to reintroduce the Bible and the Bible’s moral compass back to students everywhere.

The thought of teaching the Bible in public schools almost seems kind of impossible. In a world of much controversy, Bible classes for our students is a bit like stepping into the unknown. Allowing our youth to be exposed to the Bible can be so rewarding if doors of opportunity are opened for today’s students.

Open Doors

Open Doors for Teaching the Bible in Public Schools

Teaching the Bible in public schools comes with rules, but it can, and is being done with many schools today. Released Time Bible Education programs like LifeWise Academy are reaching out to schools in hopes to raise awareness of Bible classes available to public school students in your area. These RTBE classes are made possible by the support of parents, churches and the local community. Because these classes run on raised funds, rather than state tax funds, it costs schools nothing to offer these classes to their student body. Teaching the Bible in Public schools can become a norm again.

If you are a parent and wish to have your child enrolled in these classes, contact LifeWise Academy to see if they are available. If they are not, LifeWise Academy will work hard to bring these classes to your area.

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