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Christian Education for Today’s Students

It may seem like that doesn’t really go together...Christian Education and today’s students, but it may benefit all involved. Teachers today are faced with astronomical duties, and adding moral instruction to their list of duties, may be too much to ask. Students, like teachers, feel the stress of the high demands put on their shoulders. There is no doubt that teachers care for their students, and of course they will do what is needed to help when they are able. It seems that the list for teachers just keeps getting longer, and students behavior in schools just keeps evolving. There are many changes happening in student and school culture. With pressing demands for test scores, and GPA’s, teachers may find themselves stretched to the max. Christian education can help teachers fill in the gaps with their students.

Christian education in school's today

Christian education in school is treated like an elective course. With permission from parents, students thrive in these elective courses, learning Biblical principles that will help shape them for their future. These courses will help give students a foundation to build on, and construct positive attributes in every part of their lives, at school, at home, and in their personal relationships.

Teachers, school administrators, and parents have found in general, the students participating in Christian education courses do well. They tend to be more attentive, respectful, and develop exceptionally well academically. There are some key Biblical fundamentals that will be taught in these courses that will bring forth fruit in all areas. Love, kindness, discipline, and of course a relationship with the Lord are a few. As these values are enforced, students learn to treat others in a respectful loving way, and learn a self worth in the process. Self discipline helps students to be accountable for their actions, and truly want to do what is right, in all areas.

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