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Character Education Programs Adding to Our Students

As our world gets busier and busier by the day, character education programs become more and more important for today's public schools. You may be wondering, why? You may even be wondering what character education programs do, or how they work? We believe that today, as teachers, students, and even parents have so much on their plate that character education may be falling farther on the task list. That is where these helpful programs come in, guiding students to thrive, teaching skills that will attribute to positive, helpful, and responsible youth for tomorrow.

Character Education Programs use Biblical principles to teach life

Character Education Programs use Biblical principles to teach life

Character Education Programs use Biblical principles to teach life and character fundamentals with a Gospel-centered curriculum. Traditionally, this sort of teaching could only be found in private schools, causing many parents to withhold their children from public school, choosing either private Christian schooling or homeschooling. This is a problem for public schools because they would then lose out on those funds for that particular student. The introduction of these character education programs, also known as Released Time Bible Education(RTBE) has been a helpful option for those who seek to add to their student's culture and understanding. RTBE is a great way to allow students who choose to participate in these programs the opportunity to have Bible-based studies as part of their school day. Though these classes are not held on school property, they are conveniently scheduled as an elective and take place just off school property during school hours.

In these courses, students can expect to be challenged to live to a higher standard. They will be provided with Biblical Teachings that will help guide them into honorable character traits like integrity, generosity, compassion, and positive self-image. LifeWise Academy offers character education programs to public schools as a means to fill a void. These classes are 100% optional to students and are awarded to students with parents' permission. Contact us to see why teachers and parents are raving about these classes.

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