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Character Counts for Something

Character really does count. Our character counts in all we do. Our character is something we ourselves, and also our students carry along with us everywhere. It can be called our values, morals, our make-up, our constitution. There are many names for it, but it all boils down to how others view our Character. Is it of good nature? Do we have respect for those around us? Can we be trusted? Are we dependable? These are all attributes that form our character. But, who is responsible for teaching these fundamentals to our students? Parents, you might say...teachers, maybe. Both are true, but there are many students who fall into a gap that needs filled. Not all of our youth are being instructed in these valuable areas. Have you heard about Character Education programs?

With so many of our students struggling to find their footing in this area, character education programs are stepping on the scene, and changing young lives forever. Teachers have long agreed that education should not only be about the sharing of past knowledge, but also about the shaping of young minds into productive adults. A whole community can suffer if the proper character and respectful behaviors are not being taught. Teaching our students to be self aware, honest, and trustworthy must be at the top of the list.

LifeWise Academy has taken on this goal of teaching character, pairing with schools and teachers by enforcing the attributes that shape tomorrows leaders. Independent studies have shown that students who participate in RTRE programs perform better in school, both academically and behaviorally. Character education programs aim to develop lasting changes in today’s students. In these elective courses, Life Wise teachers are focused on giving students the building blocks in character that will essentially shape their future.

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