Teach The Bible
During School Hours

Yes, it's possible. Why not in your community?

Most people have never heard that students can be released from public school during school hours to attend religious classes.


Under Released Time Religious Instruction laws, students can be released from public school during the school day to attend religious classes, provided the program is off school property, privately funded and parent permitted.


LifeWise Academy provides the tools for local churches and community members to share the life-changing Word of God with local public school students.

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Watch the 30-minute "LifeWise Basics" webinar to learn about some of the practical details and how to get started.


Case Study: Pandora, OH

"When I started the process of launching a LifeWise two years ago, I was apprehensive. If only I knew how effective it would be! Over 60% of the students enrolled in our first year!"

- Sandy Steiner, LifeWise Pandora-Gilboa Director

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Also includes:

  • Bible Ed philosophy

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"The LifeWise plug n' play model gives communities the tools they need to launch a program without reinventing the wheel."

- Vincent Coleman (LifeWise Field Representative)

"LifeWise helped our students learn respect and kindness for others in a world urgently needing these values."

- Beth Peugh (Retired Elementary School Principal)


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What is a Champion? A Champion simply spreads the word about LifeWise to help grow their local Community Interest List. There's absolutely no cost or long term commitment. Communities that reaches 50+ names and at least one registered Champion are eligible to advance in the launch process. Learn more about the launch process |  Find your Community Interest List

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  • Group coaching calls

  • Learn to cast the vision​, answer questions and grow your list

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