WE PROVIDE Bible Education
To public school students
During School Hours

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The Supreme Court has spoken. In 1952, SCOTUS ruled that students can be released from public school during schools hours to attend religious classes. These "released time" classes must be off school property, privately funded and parent permitted. 


Though legal for decades, most people have never heard about released time.
LifeWise Academy wants to change that.

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"We are running five classes a day, five days a week, and nearly 800 students are hearing the gospel every week!"

 - Phil, LifeWise Defiance Director 

"My husband and I shared LifeWise with our friends. They enrolled their son in LifeWise classes and now are attending church for the first time ever!"

 - Jessica, LifeWise Parent 

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"As a former Columbus City Schools educator, I know LifeWise is creating a life-changing opportunity in the lives of so many of our students."

 - Vince, Central Ohio Field Representative 

did you know?

Every LifeWise program starts with 50+ signatures on a "Community Interest List."


Q: Is LifeWise Academy a political movement?

A: No, LifeWise is not affiliated with or supportive of any particular political party or figure. LifeWise is for all families regardless of political persuasion.


Q: Why should students, even those without a Christian background, learn about the Bible?

A: LifeWise Academy recognizes that the Bible was foundational to the forming of our society. We believe all students, regardless of religious background, can benefit from a greater understanding of such an influential book.

Q: How much does LifeWise Academy cost?

A: LifeWise Academy is 100% privately funded through donations. There is no cost to schools or participating families.

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