The Leadership Board

Group Objectives

The Leadership Board completes the final launch phase and then oversees the operation of the live program.

Launch Phase Objectives

  1. Recruit and onboard teachers and volunteers

  2. Research, secure and prepare facility and transportation

  3. Coordinate details and maintain positive communications with the school

  4. Spearhead the fundraising effort

  5. Ensure all public communications are excellent and contain proper messaging

Live Program Objectives

  1. Provide input and direction to the Program Director as he/she manages the day to day operations of the Program

  2. Ensure fundraising efforts continue and financial health of the program is maintained

Group Makeup

The Leadership Board should include:

  1. No fewer than three members and no more than nine

  2. Representation of the entire Christian community of various churches, ages, professions, genders, races, etc. 

  3. One member responsible for each of the 5 L’s: Leadership, Location, Logistics, Loot and Language. Individual board members may be responsible for more than one L.


Member Responsibilities

Every member is asked to:

  1. Complete Board Member role-specific training 

  2. Be diligent in executing the t-minus plan prior to launch

  3. Actively participate in the fundraising process

  4. Be faithful in attending scheduled meetings

  5. Commit to a minimum of one year of service

  6. Be consistent in prayer for the local program

Member Qualifications

Every member should have a proven track record of exemplifying the two LifeWise Core Values:

  1. COMMITMENT – Members have their hearts in the right place. They are motivated by their love for the Lord and are all in. They are fully supportive of the gospel-centered purposes of a local LifeWise program.

  2. COMPETENCE - Members have the know-how, skills and relationships to get stuff done.

How to Apply: Register for your local program Leadership Board via the form below

*Registrants will be contacted by the LifeWise team with next steps.

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