Three Launch Phases, Each With Two Steps

Just start at the beginning and follow the proven process.

Launch Success Story

"When I started the process of launching a LifeWise two years ago, I was apprehensive. If only I knew how effective it would be! Over 60% of the students enrolled in our first year!"

Sandy Steiner

LifeWise Pandora-Gilboa Director

Pandora, OH

Great News - Phase One Is Super Simple!

It's NOT time to meet with the superintendent, look for real estate or create a budget. Those details come later. Right now, you just need two things: a CHAMPION and a LIST

What is a Champion?

A Champion simply spreads the word about LifeWise to help grow their local Community Interest List. There's absolutely no cost or long-term commitment. When you register, we'll send you all the tools resources you need to grow your list.

What is a Community Interest List (CIL)?

A CIL is kind of like a petition. People in your community sign to simply say, "Yes, let's start a local LifeWise!" Building the list:

1. Shows LifeWise you're serious.

2. Shows your school the community really wants this.

3. Creates a database of future volunteers and donors.

Once your community has at least one Champion and at least 50 names, our team will reach out to schedule a Community Interest Meeting. 

Your Next Step:


Launching a Local LifeWise

Isn't Rocket Science.

Anyone in any community can get the ball rolling. Why not you?

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