Launching A Local Program

We know people are busy, so the LifeWise “plug n’ play” model provides all the resources and tools to launch and maintain an effective program.

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How It Works | The Launch Phases

Starting a local LifeWise (LW) is broken down into three simple launch phases. With each phase, the LW Support Center provides communities the necessary materials, instructions, and milestones to successfully complete the phase.

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3



Making It Happen The LifeWise L's

Milestones for each phase fall into four categories.


The “people” element

including volunteers,

teachers, etc.


Where the program

is held


The administrative details, particularly in coordination

with the local school


The necessary

financial support.

(Sorry! We just needed

another “L” word!)

Your Next StepConnect With Us

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