Make your full-time gig reaching students in public schools with the gospel.

About Us

Did you know 8 in 10 American youth don't attend church but 9 in 10 attend public school? LifeWise Academy (lifewiseacademy.com) is one of three strategies of Stand for Truth (sftministry.org) which exists to reach the unchurched students in America’s public schools with the Gospel.


LifeWise Academy is a released time religious instruction program (RTRI), or as we prefer to call it - a “released time bible education” program, that allows kids to leave public school DURING the school day to receive Bible/gospel education. RTRI is legal if three criteria are met - the gathering is off school property, it’s privately funded and it’s parent permitted.  


Very few people know this is possible.  In fact, most members of our organization hadn't heard of this concept until just a few years ago.  But in reality, RTRI has been around for over 100 years and has been upheld by the supreme court as constitutional. Many states even have by-laws allowing high school students to receive school credit for RTRI classes!


So why don't people know about this amazing opportunity?  Well, that's why we started LifeWise Academy, and we need your help!

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About You

You love Jesus. You love kids. You are a logistical maven.


You come to the table with a goal in mind and can inspire, inform and instruct groups of people towards it.  You navigate social networks and can quickly build trusting partnerships and relationships in order to bring groups of people together towards this common purpose.  You value each person and can identify how the skills, abilities and connections they represent can fit within the fabric of the larger initiative.


You are organized and are capable of compartmentalizing projects where necessary while also employing best practices between them for the betterment of all.  As a results-driven and self-motivated individual, you are able to juggle multiple high-priority projects at once. Your colleagues know you have no problem diving into the details to crank out a project by yourself.  At the same time, they understand you’re comfortable delegating tasks as needed to accomplish goals, most often to people who are simply volunteering their time and energy. 


At the end of the day, you do what it takes to get things done.  Most importantly, you know this isn’t just your career.  It’s a chance to do something meaningful.  A chance to serve others.  And a chance to make a life-changing impact on students with the Gospel.

About The Job

We are looking for a gospel-centered, results-driven, and detail-oriented Field Representative to join the LifeWise team.  This is a full-time, regionally based position focused on launching new and maintaining existing LifeWise Academy locations.



  • Secures ongoing operational funding (i.e. “Raise Personal Support”) for this missions based position.  With our training and guidance, we believe you can achieve this during the first 100 days in the role.

  • Oversees regional operations and makes adjustments as necessary, ensuring the regional locations are working in unison with the overall organization

  • Develops comprehensive goals for launching locations as well as live location performance and growth strategies

  • Collaborates and stays on the same page with the LifeWise Director at all times and translates ideas into functional plans for their region

  • Attracts, retains, and develops a high-performing teams of local leaders and volunteers for each academy location

  • Cultivates and manages healthy relationships with strategic partners

  • Consistently demonstrates a passion for values alignment, focus, simplicity, and clarity across their region and in alignment with the organization



  • 5+ years in a ministry leadership position or other related field (required)

  • Ability to travel regionally with occasional overnight stay (required)

  • Experience working with ministry personnel, school administration and community leaders (preferred)

  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred)

  • Experiences and responsibilities in Project Management, Sales and Marketing (preferred)

  • Experience working in an organization using EOS/Traction (preferred)

Currently seeking talented and passionate people throughout the United States!

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