Should We Start a Bible Education Program for Ashland County Students?

The first step is to launch a local LifeWise Academy is to demonstrate broad community support. Our goal is to collect 200 names on our Community Interest List for each school district.

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About LifeWise Academy

LifeWise Academy is a Released Time Religious Instruction (RTRI) program which exists to reach unchurched students in public schools with the gospel. Under little-known RTRI laws, students can be released from public school during the school day to attend religious classes, provided the program is off school property, privately funded, and parent permitted.

Yes, It’s Really Legal! The legality of Released Time Religious Education has been upheld by the US Supreme Court for more than 60 years. Specific state policies vary. For example, Ohio law, HB 171 (ORC 3313.6022) was passed in the Ohio legislature and signed into law by the Governor. The law allows public school students to receive elective Biblical instruction during the school day, following the conditions above.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Q: What are students taught at LifeWise Academy?

A: Simply put, they are taught to read and study the Bible. In partnership with highly acclaimed curriculum, The Gospel Project, students study through the entire Bible, Genesis to Revelation, over five years. Every lesson teaches the passage, how it connects to the gospel and how the Bible transforms our lives. If you'd like, you can read our Statement of Faith.


Q: How can I get involved?

A: There are three main ways you can get involved:

1) Help launch the local program - Sign the Community Interest list on this page to voice your support.

2) Donate - LifeWise Academy is funded entirely through donations. Help share the Word of God with students by donating today.

3) Share the video Help this idea go viral! Share this website and video via social media and email to get the word out!



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